T-ODS03 SKUDO PET HOUSE tick and flea repeller


A dog's kennel, or den, is where the dog usually stays most of the day. The device emits ultrasounds that are intolerant to fleas and ticks. The device is completely safe for humans and animals, non-toxic and odorless. The device has disinfecting and preventive properties.


  •     about 12 months of effective operation
  •     the device turns on by removing the red protection
  •     does not emit any chemicals
  •     inaudible to humans and pets
  •     easy to use
  •     safe for people and small children
  •     does not interfere with electronic devices
  •     safe for the environment
  •     resistant to moisture
  •     protected area up to 5m2
  •     weight - 15 g
  •     dimensions - approx. 30 x 10 x 55 mm


  •     The device should be placed in a place that is difficult to reach for the animal. Do not cover the transmitter.
  •     Do not submerge in water
  •     do not open the device
0.2 kg
Manufacturer: OLANTECH
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