T-ODS05 SKUDO CAT tick and flea repeller


Electronic tick and flea repeller provides effective protection for your cat. The repeller emits ultrasound that irritates the parasites and forces them to leave the animal. It has a preventive effect, prevents re-clogging or jamming.


  •     lithium battery, effective operation time approx. 12 months
  •     mounting the device on the collar with the transmitter pointing towards the cat's hair.
  •     does not emit any chemicals
  •     inaudible to humans and pets
  •     easy to use
  •     does not interfere with electronic devices
  •     safe for the environment, people and pets
  •     resistant to moisture
  •     protected area up to 3 m2
  •     weight - about 10 g
  •     dimensions - approx. 35 x 29 x 19 mm


  •     keep out of reach of children - risk of swallowing or choking!
  •     the device should be placed in a place that is difficult to reach for the animal. Do not cover the transmitter
  •     do not submerge the device in water
  •     do not open the device
0.2 kg
Manufacturer: OLANTECH
Subtotal65,04 zł
VAT 23%14,96 zł
Price80,00 zł