Electronic - acoustic repeller of moles, voles, field mice and other common rodents. The device is waterproof, and fully resistant to weather conditions and water, therefore it is perfect for use in gardens, gardens, forest parks, golf courses, and other outdoor surfaces where there is harmful interference of pests in the ecosystem of soil, grasses, trees, vegetables. , fruit, when inserted into the ground, the repeller emits a sound of variable frequency. The device does not endanger people or pets in any way

Effective operating area up to 400m2 underground!

Power supply: 6 pcs. R14 1.5V batteries; battery life up to 6 months (no batteries included)

It does not interfere with the operation of other electronic devices

Variable frequency of the sound produced

Working temperature: -20 掳 C to + 50 掳 C

Device dimensions: 185mm x 88mm x 31mm

Weight without batteries: 0.45 kg

The use of the device helps to reduce the risk of rodents in the protected area

0.45 kg
Subtotal280,00 z艂
VAT 23%64,40 z艂
Price344,40 z艂