The device repels small rodents (mice, rats, sewer rats, etc.) as well as martens and weasels. It emits an intermittent ultrasonic signal of variable frequency (rodents, martens and weasels are not able to get used to such a sound and do not inhabit the area protected by "sounds"). The "silent" OdH1 model emits sound signals inaudible to the human ear, therefore this model is suitable for residential areas. For uninhabited areas, the OdH1 model is "audible" (audible).

The set includes R14 batteries

The operating range of the device is up to 100 m2.

Ultrasound range: 14, 19, 51 kHz randomly 卤 10%

Device operating temperature: -20C to + 60C.

The use of the device helps to reduce the risk of rodents, martens and weasels in the protected area


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