Industrial power supply SPS-300PFC 48,6V/6A

Electronic system of correction of power factor ensures that the SPS- 300PFC power supply meets the requirements of the PN-EN 61000-3-2 standard in terms of harmonics content in current drawn by electric and electronic devices.
The recommendations of that standard are valid from 01.01.2001.
Power supply: 90 - 260 V AC or 110 - 380 V DC.
Power factor > 0.97 (PN-EN 61000-3-2, class D).
Limit of surge current:< 25 A.
Output power (constant load): < 300 W.
Operating temperature range: - 0 to +50 ┬░C.
Ripple (bandwidth 30MHz): < 1 % p-p.
Regulation accuracy at the changes of power supply: <1 %.
Regulation accuracy at the changes of load current: < 1%.
Noise levels:
PN-EN55022 level A
(EN55022 class A, VDE871 class A, FCC class B)
Parallel cooperation of a few power supplies with equal division of load current
Full compliance with the standards:
PN-EN 60950, IEC950, CSA-22-2-905 UL1950
ÔÇó Relay indication of correct operation state;
ÔÇó Alarm signal of low power- Power Fail;

U (Volt): 
I (Amper): 
LVD according to: 
EN 61204
EMC according to: 
EN 61204-3

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