Electronic ultrasonic repellers of animals such as martens, weasels, moles, rats and small rodents allow to reduce the risk of their occurrence or settling in the protected area.
Humane and safe animal deterrence
Bearing in mind the good of the natural environment, we assume that every creature has the right to life. With this in mind, we have designed modern animal repellers that do not adversely affect the life and health of animals and the natural environment. The emitted ultrasounds are completely safe for people and pets, do not adversely affect the operation of electronic devices, and are completely safe for the natural environment, do not emit or emit chemical compounds. Our repellers support protection against rodents and more, and reduce the risk of animals to be found in industrial facilities, crops and plantations, in warehouses, residential buildings, gardens, parking lots, vehicles and machines (construction, agricultural and others). Our animal repellers are highly effective in preventing animals from deterring, they are also a perfect complement to other methods of deterrence (e.g. anti-odor spraying).
Animal deterrence research
Animal repellers were developed by means of numerous studies on ultrasounds that are not tolerated by individual animals. Repellers emit modulated ultrasound, unpleasant for animals such as martens, weasels, moles and rodents. The sound of the repeller does not pose a threat to people and pets. Our scarers offer includes quiet and loud scares. Silent repellers emit almost inaudible sounds, while loud ones emit sounds that are audible to humans, but are not harmful to humans and pets. The emitted ultrasounds are inaudible to the human ear, the only thing we can hear is the sound intensity that occurs in our devices in a inaudible and audible version.
High-quality deterrents of Polish production

The Tatarek company has existed since 1988, we have extensive experience in the design and production of various electronic devices. All our products are made on the basis of long-term research in our design office and undergo a series of tests (quality, effectiveness), confirmed by numerous awards for innovative products. All repellers emit ultrasound, which, on the basis of scientific research, has been classified as nuisance and intolerable to individual predatory animals, such as martens, weasels, and moles and rodents. Our repellers meet European safety standards and are CE certified. In 2007, we obtained the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certificate.

Summarizing Tatarek's animal repellers:

  •     Ultrasound repels martens, weasels, moles, rats, voles, mice and other pests without harming them.
  •     All devices are designed on the basis of scientific research into pest-intolerant ultrasound.
  •     The emitted modular ultrasounds are not harmful to humans and pets.
  •     We sell battery deterrents, which are an ideal solution for protection against pests in places without electricity.
  •     The repellers are powered by a constant power source, depending on the version, they are powered by 12/24 V or 230V.
  •     For the protection of cars, vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery and other devices, we have designed special 12 V DC repellers.
  •     Our repellers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  •     Our animal repellers are used in agriculture, industry, warehouses, crops, gardens and households.