TATAREK Beach Volleyball Team

The company TATAREK is also very proud of the action that goes beyond the normal profile of its business. As one of the first in the country joined actively in the promotion of volleyball and created the first professional women's volleyball team, known as the "TATAREK Team". Our team since its inception continually ranks in the forefront of the national ones, but also its presence is very closely watched and valued at European as well as world tournaments.The competitors in our colours for years have been  the main pillar of the Polish national team in junior and senior beach volleyball. Confirmation of the achievements of our team is a rich collection of cups and medals of the largest domestic and international events, which decorates our sales office.

On the "Łazienki" beach in Zbąszyń, where this year's women's and men's MP series took off. During the four-day competition, in a very sporty, simply friendly atmosphere among the ladies, Katarzyna Kociołek and Dorota Strąg (ORLEN TATAREK Team) turned out to be the best,

We are pleased to announce that the second step of the podium in the women's competition was a couple, Magdalena Saad and Iza Soja (BV Saad / Soja CebItgroup AZS Uniwersytet Warszawski).

ORLEN TATAREK CebitGroup UW Team consisting of: Magda Saad and Dorota Strąg won the final of the Plaza Gotyku 2017 tournament! Madzia and Doris left the following pairs: Zdon / Biranowska and Szychowska / Rapacz-Matras!

Congratulations and thanks to Magda and Dorota from the TATAREK company!

Magdalena Saad and Dorota Strąg took the top stage of the Bella Plaza Gotyku Toruń 2017 tournament, defeating the Zdon / Biranowska duo in the final. In the small final, there was another surprise, because the Polish representatives - Martyna Kłoda and Ola Gromadowska, had to recognize the superiority of Blachotrapez AZS UJ BV (Szychowska / Rapacz-Matras). Oh, it will be happening to the ladies in the sandbox this year!

The win of Joanna Wiatr and Katarzyna Szałankiewicz (from Dąbrowa Górnicza), who are playing again this season under the name of Tatarek Team, ended in Głogów Małopolski with the 6th Open Sub-Carpathian Women's Beach Volleyball Tournament - Leśna Wola 2017. Interestingly, in the final, as a week ago in Kozienice, Asia and Kasia faced the duo of Iza Błasiak and Magda Saad (CebitGroup AZS UW).

On August 13, 2017, the finals of the ORLEN Polish Beach Volleyball Championships held in Mysłowice Park Słupna ended.

Kinga Kołosińska and Jagoda Gruszczyńska won the ladies' tournament, defeating Dorota Strąg and Martyna Kłoda in the final match in two sets. For Kinga Kołosińska it is the sixth Polish championship in a row, but the first won in tandem with Jagoda Gruszczyńska. Congratulations!

A tie-break was necessary to decide the bronze medal match, in which Katarzyna Kociołek and Aleksandra Gromadowska finally defeated Katarzyna Szałankiewicz and Joanna Wiatr.

Second place in the Czech championship

The fourth tournament of the Beach Open series ended in Lodz. Competitions on the market of the Lodz Manufaktura were finished with the victory of  Damian Wojtasik with Adam Parcej and Joanna Wiatr with Martyna Wardak.

The fifth  Beach Open tournament series came to an end. For the second time this season, the team Mateusz Radojewski with Adam Parcej and Joanna Wind with Martyn Wardak stood on the top step of the podium. The first Sunday meeting ended the tournament for Natalia Gruszczyńska with Agnieszka Wołoszyn and Sylvia Pilarek with Barbara Adamska. At the expense of the former ones to the four was promoted a three times winner of this year's tournament - Dorota Strąg with Paulina Stasiak.