TATAREK Beach Volleyball Team

The company TATAREK is also very proud of the action that goes beyond the normal profile of its business. As one of the first in the country joined actively in the promotion of volleyball and created the first professional women's volleyball team, known as the "TATAREK Team". Our team since its inception continually ranks in the forefront of the national ones, but also its presence is very closely watched and valued at European as well as world tournaments.The competitors in our colours for years have been  the main pillar of the Polish national team in junior and senior beach volleyball. Confirmation of the achievements of our team is a rich collection of cups and medals of the largest domestic and international events, which decorates our sales office.

On Monday, six matches of the tournament women were played In the semi-final to Magdalena Szczytowicz and Carolina Bednarek Kirszenstein Carolina and Alexander Chyła joined. And it was this couple after 3-set duel that advanced to the final. The line-up of the second semifinal was by created Dorota Strąg with Katarzyna Kociołek and Martyna Wardak with Aleksandra Theis.  Victorious in this competition came out present representatives of Poland, which played together again after two tournaments.

Thank you to the organizers of the Open Beach tournament series for their cooperation in 2015 and we look forward to the year 2016.