The power supply A 200 WAC TATAREK sustains the operation of the equipment in case of power failure in the power grid. It provides energy to devices powered with a AC voltage of 230 V and whose total power doesn’t exceed 200 W.

It cooperates with the traction battery and depending on its capacity it ensures the power supply replacement for hours on end.

A 200 WAC TATAREK is designed primarily for use with heating systems (heating automation, circulating pumps, blowers, electrovalves, etc.). It can support other devices whose correct operation is not affected by a brief power failure maintaining for only a few seconds: e.g. fax machines, telephone exchanges and the remaining telecommunications equipment.

The loss of voltage in the power grid makes the A 200 WAC power supply automatically to be switched to operate in the emergency mode. It draws current from the battery, processes it and power the connected devices. The voltage conversion is provided by a built-in DC / AC converter. After power is restored the power supply automatically switches to the standby mode by charging the battery to its maximum capacity. The power supply is equipped with a signalling of drop in battery voltage, overcurrent protection and system for maintaining the battery in a constant state of readiness.

The power supply in the emergency mode produces a voltage of quasi-sinusoidal waveform and thus requires a careful familiarity with the technical parameters of the powered device. Some devices require a purely sinusoidal current to function. If you have any doubt, please consult the manufacturer of the equipment on the feasibility of the use of our product.

To the A 200 WAC power supply we also offer a range of traction batteries (typically allocated to the emergency power supply) of different capacities whose projected service life stated by the manufacturer is 10 years.

Any information relating to the offered batteries are available by calling 0717833901 ext. 23.

Please note that the A 200 WAC TATAREK power supply is not the known uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and that it is not intended for equipment whose continuous operation is crucial (eg. servers, medical equipment, etc.).

230 V 50 Hz
Rodzaj obudowy: 
Temperatura pracy: 
0 - 40°C
Moc wyjściowa: 
Napięcie wyjściowe: 
AC: 230 VAC ± 10% 50 Hz (modified sinus)
Prąd ładowania: 
~1,5 A
Subtotal585,00 zł
VAT 23%134,55 zł
Cena Brutto719,55 zł