Controllers of 聽DGP (Distribution Hot Air) systems control stove turbine operation to most efficiently make use of hot air to heat the rooms supplied by the system. Depending on the technical advancement of the controller, it is possible to support different systems using forced air (eg ventilation system for stove insert). Our offer also includes simple controllers to operate fan motors regulating the rotation (without the application of temperature measurement), which are successfully used to operate exhaust fans and supply fans in household, industrial systems and catering establishments.

RT-10 - The rotation speed controller聽 RT-10 RO TITANIUM precisely and smoothly regulates the rotation of the different types of voltage controlled fans. The actuator is a triac. In the offer of the company TATAREK it鈥榮 the simplest model that fills in a range of automatic controllers by that inexpensive product for less demanding customers. Indication of the rotation speed is presented on the control panel. The operation state (speed) is indicated by control lights. The increase in motor speed is indicated by the frequency of light impulses - from short to longer and longer, and in the final phase to continuous illumination. In the same way the increase in rotation speed registered by the fan is indicated up to the maximum level.

RT-03C - The microprocessor rotation speed controller RT-03C ARO measures temperature in the chamber of the stove inlet fan, determines its rotational speed and controls the flow of hot air. Regulation of the operation is made in two modes: manual or automatic one. In the manual mode, the speed of rotation is determined on a scale of 0 to 10. The temperature measurement doesn鈥檛 affect the change of the motor speed. In the automatic mode, the fan motor speed is adjusted automatically depending on temperature measurements. After the temperature exceeds 40 掳 C, the fan switches to minimum speed. As the temperature rises the speed proportionally increases, reaching the maximum at 80 掳 C. In the automatic mode, the controller display shows the current temperature readings.

RT-05 Jacu艣 - The automation system JACU艢 RT-05 is a multifunction 2-module device. The aesthetic control module [1] with the LCD display is to be mounted in any room where you will be making the most reliable measurement of internal temperature. The executive module [2], a small box containing a temperature sensor, you mount directly at the fan. RT-05 can be used as a controller of hot or cold air blow-in, enabling 聽manual or automatic selection of the fan speed ranging from 10 to 100%. RT-05 can also be used 聽as a controller of 聽room temperature. It found application in heating systems based on stoves with closed combustion chamber. The produced heat warms even a few rooms.