Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent produces high-pitched frequencies (18 to 24 KHz) that keeps cats, dogs and other animals away from invading your space without harming them. The signal is inaudible to humans but animals find the signal uncomfortable and leave. European Union Directives significantly restrict the use of poisons, chemicals and biocides. For many years in the US and Europe electroacoustic forms of humane deterrence of birds and rodents have been applied.When activated, the devices don‘t require any additional steps or constant supervision. They are resistant to weather conditions. Some emit ultrasonic sounds continuously; others are microprocessor-controlled proximity sensors.

Microprocessor mole scarer  "KRECIK" allows you to take very effectively fight and protect against how troublesome rodents. Considering the short stay on the market, its effectiveness has been confirmed by a large community of gardeners. They confirmed the excellent effects in comparison with other scarers of this type available on the market. The effectiveness of operation is guaranteed here by the use of a microprocessor which changes the frequency of the emitted signal, thus it eliminates the risk of rodents getting used to the deterrent signal  of a single frequency. The range of the ultrasonic signal is from 200 to 900 Hz and provides covering an area of ​​approx. 700 m². The housing is made of durable weatherproof plastic, and the signal emitting module is made based on high-quality electronic components, which ensures its many years of trouble-free operation. KRECIK is powered by three batteries R20, which ensures effective operation of the device for a period of 3 to 4 months. Discharged batteries are signalled by an acoustic signal. This device is suitable for an effective fight against moles, mice, bank voles etc.<br>