The device is used in vehicles with a voltage of 12V DC (OGS-12) or 24V DC (OGS-24). Small rodents (mice, rats, etc.) as well as martens and weasels can cause significant damage to vehicles by chewing on wires, cables or insulating materials. The device emits an intermittent ultrasonic signal of variable frequency, which is harmless to humans and pets. The device should be installed in the engine area, in a place where it will not be directly exposed to splashing with water or other operating fluids used in vehicles. The device is installed using the high temperature resistant double-sided adhesive tape included in the kit. The place where the repeller will be attached should be cleaned and degreased. Install the repeller by means of the red (+) black (-) power cables directly to the battery terminals (recommended).

Device operation range up to 2-3 m2.

Ultrasonic frequency from 13-30kHz 卤 10%

Device operating temperature: -20C to + 60C.

The use of the device helps to reduce the risk of rodents, martens and weasels in the protected area


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