Controllers to protect the operation of the electrical system which supplies heating systems to provide backup power of  the devices when there’s a power failure in the grid, and to stabilize output current intended to power them.

SN-300 - The plug-in voltage regulator is designed to protect sensitive equipment against interference from the mains, generated by various types of machines, lighting fixtures, etc. It suppresses among other things voltage surges, harmonic disturbance and voltage changes. The design of the regulator is based on a transformer, which is always saturated , which gives a good compensation of voltage variations. The SN-300 voltage regulator maintains a stable voltage of 230V. It ensures the correct operation of devices sensitive to fluctuations in voltage. In addition, the regulator protects the connected equipment from sudden increases or decreases in supply voltage (more than 275V or less than 155V) by disconnecting fast its power supply.

BATTERY AGM 80 Ah - Reliable battery AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) with a capacity of 80Ah, where the whole electrolyte is absorbed in the separators of glass fiber of great porosity, located between the plates. Batteries made by this method have a lower internal resistance and thus a higher voltage at the terminals, as well as longer battery life, especially at high discharge current . It can be used indoors. Battery, maintenance free, made in AGM technology, designed for buffer operation (uninterruptible power supply) in applications requiring long life.

Projected life of 10-12 years.

The power supply A 200 WAC TATAREK sustains the operation of the equipment in case of power failure in the power grid. It provides energy to devices powered with a AC voltage of 230 V and whose total power doesn’t exceed 200 W.

It cooperates with the traction battery and depending on its capacity it ensures the power supply replacement for hours on end.

A 200 WAC TATAREK is designed primarily for use with heating systems (heating automation, circulating pumps, blowers, electrovalves, etc.). It can support other devices whose correct operation is not affected by a brief power failure maintaining for only a few seconds: e.g. fax machines, telephone exchanges and the remaining telecommunications equipment.