In order to increase comfort, safety, and efficiency of the stove – the TATAREK company develops newer and newer solutions in the form of electronic combustion optimizers. They enable optimum working conditions for the furnace for temperatures which the user desires to obtain and to control pumps of the central heating or hot water. The main task of this type of controllers is to optimize the combustion process for individual heating system, extend the wood burning process, which ensures longer heat transfer to the rooms and fuel savings of up to 30% yearly. Those controllers are also to transfer heat generated from the water base or the stove water jacket to the heating system, eg. a buffer tank.

The RT-08OS H2O controller is a combustion process optimizer designed  to operate stove-fitting furnaces, stove inserts with heat storage and water base, traditional stove inserts with water jacket equipped with  a direct flow of air into the combustion chamber. By measuring  temperature directly over the combustion chamber, you achieve the most efficient regulation of the air supply, which combined with appropriate control algorithms allows to optimize the combustion process and thus a more economic use of the heat obtained in the process.