We’ve got a long-standing experience in manufacturing electronic devices and processing plastic materials. We’re the leading producer of stove automation, solid fuel stove controllers and power supplies.

Thanks to the experienced professional staff we can process the given tasks very quickly and ensuring high quality. We offer a full spectrum of services from the project to the end phase. The production process is managed by the ERP-class software and Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008.

The offer in terms of SMD and THT:

  • Designing devices, PCBs, technology
  • Purchasing
  • SMD assembly (adhesive or paste technology), reflow soldering
  • THT assembly (wave or manual)
  • Testing

We’ve got a assembly line with the capability to realize an electronic assembly (lead or lead free)

Machine park:

  • SMD machine Siemens and Samsung CT40 of capacity 10000 parts/hour
  • SEF furnace for reflow soldering
  • Printer DEK 249
  • Microscope Projectina
  • PCB cutter Maestro
  • Disassembly and Assembly Station HOT AIR
  • Soldering waves Electrovert and Grasmann
  • Devices for preparing elements (Cutbend, Streckfuss)

Dimensions of elements:

  • PCB  30x50 mm (minimum), 400x400 mm (maximum)
  • PCB  thickness from 0,4 mm to 3 mm
  • SMD parts from 0402 to 40x40 mm

Required documentation for pricing the assembly:

  • Assembly diagram
  • Elements listing (devided into TOP  and BOTTOM side and package type sections)
  • Technology
  • Quantity,
  • Number of PCBs on the format template
  • Who delivers components
  • Kind of control, testing
  • Packaging and shipping

Please email your questions to  jerzyp@tatarek.com.pl

We prepare the offer within 2 working days