The last weekend days were very busy for beach volleyball players - Tatarek Team and Tatarek CebitGroup Team! However, gentlemen Jerzy Tatarek and Marcin Wyrwas at the beginning of the season have reasons to be very optimistic!

The new couple supported by the Tatarek brand and the CebitGroup company are Marta Pietroczuk and Karolina Baran!
While some of the girls under the "Tatarek - CebitGroup" branding competed in the Polish Grand Prix in Beach Volleyball "Obłędna Plaża 2017", Marta Pietroczuk, could be admired by beach fans and fans in the stands in Wisła. During the competition in the Beskidzkia Plaża series, the duo consisting of Kaszuba / Pietroczuk won a very valuable silver medal.

Karolina Baran, Marta Pietroczuk's partner from the new Tatarek CebitGroup Team ranking, also has reasons to be very pleased. In distant Lublin, she took second place. Karolina played in a combination with Monika Pietroczuk.