T-ODS15a Tick and flea repeller


Relaxing in the bosom of nature is undoubtedly a wonderful experience, but being in close contact with troublesome fleas, ticks and other parasites that are carriers of various viruses and bacterial diseases leads to disturbing dermatological changes. The electronic device "SKUDO HUMAN BLUE" reduces the risk of a human being bitten by ticks to a large extent, the bite may lead to diseases that are dangerous to human life, borreliosis or other tick-borne disease. The repeller emits modulated ultrasounds that are not tolerated by ticks and are inaudible to humans and pets. The device is intended in particular for people who actively spend their time in the bosom of nature (foresters, anglers, mushroom pickers, hunters), and other people who perform their activities in close contact with nature. Avoid carrying the device in pockets, backpacks, bags - as a result, suppressed ultrasounds reduce the effectiveness of repelling ticks and fleas.


  •     about 12 months of effective operation
  •     the device has an ON / OFF function
  •     after removing the protection, the device can be turned ON or OFF at any time with the switch
  •     does not emit any chemicals
  •     inaudible to humans and pets
  •     easy to use
  •     safe for people and small children
  •     does not interfere with electronic devices
  •     safe for the environment
  •     resistant to moisture
  •     protected area up to 5m2
  •     weight - 15 g
  •     dimensions - approx. 30 x 10 x 55 mm


  •     do not submerge in water
  •     do not open the device
300 g
Manufacturer: OLANTECH
Subtotal65,04 zł
VAT 23%14,96 zł
Price80,00 zł